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Introdcution to the Course

Businesses are now seeking employees with creditable qualifications in Information Technology and computer literacy. But the computer revolution has happened so  fast that many of us have been far behind, wondering what all the fuss is about. This course aims to give you grounding in the uses and applications of computers. It takes you right through from an introduction to computers and information systems, to hardware and networks and basic programming with Visual C #. NET, and provides the basics of managing information systems for business as well as website design using FrontPage XP/2000, XML and HTML.

 Career Opportunities     

After completing this course, you can work as: IT specialist, Web Designer and Developer, Network Support, System Analyst & have Business Management Skills & Marketing.

 General Registration Requirements:

1. Student's & Parent's certified I.D Copies
2. 2 ID Photos,
3. proof of residential address
4. Registration fees and your Matric or equivalent results

Course Structure

Core Subjects (Compulsory)


Semester One
IMicrosoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access




Semester Two

Microsoft Powerpoint

Spread Sheets II
Micirosoft Outlook
Microsoft Project Management