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Rand Training College is not your common FET institution; it is a built-up experience, where everything is geared towards your career development.

Situated in the business hub of Johannesburg, Rand Training College is accessible and offers a socially interactive, secure and positive learning environments. Through career-precise courses, individual attention and career advice, we organize you to meet the demanding needs of the workplace. Rand Training College will prepare you for success and individual development.

Rand Training College, Accredited educational service provider by UMALUSI quality assurance. Accreditation Number-FET00702PA. Depart ment of Education No. 39/2/18/866


Our mission is to provide a high standard yet affordable further education training through the application of innovative and challenging teaching techniques in an academic environment that promotes strong social values and academic discipline.

We strive to provide our students with a dynamic and motivating academic input and personal attention.  We endevor at all times to sustain the high standards of academic excellence that has become an integral part of our success.  Meeting all our students' needs is our primary priority


Welcome to Rand Training College. The institute is one of the most prestigious colleges in South Africa. Having provided years of meaningful service the area of further education and training. Rand Training College is relatively new, but since its founding, it has established a deserved reputation for high performance in the core business area of academic success.

This is complemented by a highly prized value system based on the unique one house concept, and the active support of an extensive programme of co-curricular activities. We constantly take pride in the excellent calibre of our staff, and the professionalism and support of our Board of Trustees. Rand Training College has a student roll representing in excess of 10 nationalities. The diversity and energy of this truly international community of students and staff helps make the school dynamic and always interesting. The school offers its students a number of curriculum assessment and qualification pathways, and we are now a truly international college as a result.

We are all very pleased to be part of Rand Training College and with our basic values constantly tended and enhanced; we try to ensure that this is a college that is willing and able to innovate. It is a college that offers our students and staff a myriad of opportunities and one all of us can be proud to be a part of, including you, our newest students.

Rand Training College will provide opportunities for you to become involved in many aspects of College life, including social and cultural events, community activities and college governance. These experiences will enable you to develop your skills as a citizen and a leader, and further prepare you for future challenges as a college graduate.